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All the essentials, none of the fuss. Blast off.


  • A.I. powered cybersecurity on every server
  • MDR vigilance with A.I. and human oversight 24/7 on the entire network infrastructure
  • Daily 3-2-1 backups (3 copies of your data, stored in 2 different geographic regions, with 1 copy off-line – this is the gold standard for data backup)
  • Daily Malware scans
  • Managed DNS
  • MySQL database
  • WordPress ready environment with WordPress already installed (if desired)
  • Choice of PHP versions
  • Always-on SSL protection (2048-bit RSA)
  • SSL digital security certificate
  • Daily disk file and database backups
  • Outbound SPAM filtering for Domain Reputation protection
  • Dual synchronized data centers for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Intrusion Detection System for Emerging Threats
  • Our second-to-none customer support
  • 100% US-based staff and hosting infrastructure