Email that Revolves Around You

Shouldn’t it always?

Get Down to Business; We’ve Got Email Handled.

Our hosting specialists are email specialists as well, delivering affordable, reliable, business class email with truly revolutionary SPAM protection.  Whether you need POP, IMAP, Exchange, extra large mailboxes, or just less SPAM, Elliptical works with you to find the right email solution.

Outlook, Web, and Mobile

Access your email anywhere, at any time, from any device. With Elliptical's email services, your users can access email from their Outlook, Mac Mail, Mobile Phone or through our fast, secure webmail portal. All of our email connections are encrypted to keep your private data, well… private.

Works natively on these widely-used desktop applications: Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird
Works natively on these mobile phone operating systems: Android, iPhone, Windows

Piece of Mind for your Inbox

Our leading-edge Spam Filtering service eliminates 95% of spam email with hardly any false-positive emails. We use a single stage outbound, three stage inbound and four part email sender authentication system that allows you to say goodbye to SPAM and viruses. No ads, no hassle, just rocket-like performance.

Large Mailbox Hosting

At Elliptical, we work with Designers, Developers and their Clients, so we know that sometimes you need the ability to send, store and manage large files. You're covered with Elliptical.

Automatic Disaster Recovery and Business Email Continuity

We take data seriously! Just like our rock solid hosting platform, we backup our email servers daily and weekly.