Career Survival: Stay Viable in a Future Dominated by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. The cell phone in your hand, the Alexa in your kitchen, and soon even the car your drive–are all using Artificial Intelligence to improve your life.

So what’s the fear? Thousands of jobs are being replaced and entire businesses are at risk.

In this talk we will explore real-world uses of AI today, industries in peril, and actions you can take now to prepare yourself.

Jumpstart your understanding of AI and discover how you can retool your career and accelerate your future partnering with Artificial Intelligence.

The Future of AI/ML in Web Site Hosting (cPanel conference 2018)

With its ability to recognize patterns amidst large amounts of data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can provide faster resolution to common – and not so common – hosting issues.

From server configuration adjustments to email deliverability, ML and AI offer sysadmins and end-users what they want: fast resolutions and even the ability to anticipate and resolve problems before they happen.


Over the past 33 years, Jack Reiner has a track record in seeing the shift before it happens. He was developing AI for NASA in the early 1990’s in the Space Shuttle program; he started an Internet company in 1996; in the mid 1980’s he learned the value in anticipating technology advancements and embracing change. He has presented to youth at schools and Scout meetings, and to his peers at national industry conferences. Jack recently completed the C.O.P.E. high-ropes course. He is the father of four children and lives in the festive city of New Orleans.