About Elliptical Hosting

A Hosting Company For Designers, Developers and their Clients

Originally founded in 1996 by a former NASA programmer with a passion for secure, solid software environments, Elliptical Hosting began its life as both a hosting provider and a software development company called The Creative Internet.  As software developers ourselves, we know how important it is to have secure, fast and reliable hosting environments with a supportive and knowledgeable staff that can get things done.  Elliptical hosting is a managed hosting company built for developers, designers and their clients.

Security is in our DNA.

We are so passionate about security, that we created our trademark Hack Guarantee.  You can be sure that our web hosting, database hosting and email are as secure as possible and that we are proactively diligent in ensuring that our clients data is always safe.  If any of our hosting environments are ever compromised, we work with you every step of the way to get your sites contamination free and back up and running.

We offer fully managed hosting services that include email, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, CDN management, DNS management and domain registration.  We are an indispensable ally to web designers and developers in the battle to create the absolute best websites for their clients.  As a New Orleans based hosting company, we are able to work directly with clients and their developers/designers  to explain and select the best technology for each project.

We host hundreds of websites for organizations locally, regionally and nationally.

We love web designers

We’ve made a name for ourselves among web design companies and creative agencies. We make our allies look good, by ensuring their clients' websites run fast, are secure, and experience optimal uptime. Our allies also enjoy the fact that we are willing to provide support, advice and troubleshooting to help them solve client problems.

We know the importance of speed

Large database driven sites, including those built on WordPress require powerful hosting and we deliver. We’re not stingy on the bandwidth and if more is needed, we add it. It’s that simple!

We get security

With former NASA programmers on staff, we know security. We take every precaution to ensure that the websites, databases and email that we host are as secure as possible. We also constantly perform proactive measures to make sure that they stay this way.

Real customer service

We take customer service and reliability seriously. Our clients and allies have immediate access to a Hosting & Security Specialist. We do not use a call center in a foreign country, web chat or a convoluted ticketing system. When there is an issue or a question, a senior level staff member is always there to help.