Pellerin Milnor

The Elliptical Hosting Makes Sales Process More Efficient, Easier

About the Organization

Pellerin Milnor designs and manufactures commercial laundry equipment for clients like hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, correctional facilities, and athletic complexes. More than 50 distributors located in countries all over the world sell Milnor’s laundry machines to the company’s customers.

The Situation

To be effective at sales, the distributors need up-to-date specifications of all of Milnor’s products as well as specifications of competitors’ products.

The Problem

Every two months, the Milnor marketing department sent to distributors CDs containing the needed specifications. The CDs were an improvement on an older paper-based system, but the production, mailing, and tracking of them still proved expensive and time-consuming. Also, the lag-time between product changes and CD updates hampered sales

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