Offshore Operators Committee

Elliptical Hosting Unifies Members of Offshore Operators Committee

About the Organization

The Offshore Operators Committee (OOC) is a non-profit consortium of companies in the offshore oil exploration and production industry. Members collaborate together to review government regulatory issues and to advocate for the industry’s interests.

The Situation

The OOC’s membership is divided into roughly a dozen subcommittees. The members of these subcommittees are spread out over a wide geographic area and need to be in regular communication with each other and with the central office about meetings, reports, and news.

The Problem

The OOC’s central office was devoting considerable time and expense to contacting members by phone and e-mail and to printing and distributing information by US Mail. The Internet seemed like it should be able to streamline the OOC’s communications, but the organization’s site from the mid 1990s only had limited capabilities.

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