Louisiana Restaurant Association

Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA)

About the Organization

The Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) promotes, protects and serves the foodservice industry in the state of Louisiana. The organization offers an extensive list of services for members from payroll and workers compensation resources to educational programs and legal services.  The LRA is divided into nine chapters across the state and through collaboration acts as a resource to enhance and grow this industry.  The LRA’s mission is to improve the political, economic and social environment in which the industry conducts business.

The Situation

The LRA began to evaluate and assess its web site as it was five to seven years old and very static. The staff saw a need to modernize and update its site in order to make it more interactive and position the site as an additional resource for members beyond a mere information tool.

The Problem

The LRA offers an immense amount of benefits to members, which is showcased on the web site; however, it needed a means by which members could access these benefits 24 hours a day in an easy and timely fashion.  Additionally, the LRA needed to develop a more effective way to promote and drive membership sign ups and renewals.

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