There is a popular tv commercial that touts “What could be better than free?” It just so happens there really are things that are better than free.Security Gate

  1. Infrastructure – Proper web hosting infrastructure costs money to run, and free won’t pay for it. At a free or cheap price, your web site will be loaded onto an overcrowded server with insufficient resources.
  2. Priority – Your importance is directly tied to the value of your account. Free and cheap accounts are out-prioritized by paying accounts.
  3. Support – Both of the above affect the support you receive. If you want your technical issues resolved quickly and correctly, your web hosting provider has to care about you. They don’t care about free or cheap accounts.
  4. Respect – This might come as a surprise, but people don’t value what they get cheap. Mutual respect between a valued provider and a valued client is good for both businesses.
  5. Partnership – Working together as a valued provider and a valued client will result in a mutual partnership between the two. As a rider and his horse, as a ballerina and her danseur, over time you will learn each other’s stengths and needs, and you will build a working relationship that creates mutual support and improves your service to your own clients.

So if you, or your clients, are focused on the cheapest price, ask yourself just how important is your business?